Flashlight with supercapacitor to tinker oneself

Supercapacitor flashlight
Supercapacitor flashlight

You are handy and you want to test supercapacitors in a concrete project?

Antoine Roussel shows on his blog "The creative family" how to make a flashlight using a supercap:
Immortal flashlight (in french).

The author explains step by step how to make it with photos and electric plans.

The result is a flashlight that illuminates for 15 minutes (without loss of brightness) and recharges quickly. Antoine Roussel goes even further by adding a USB port to the device to easily recharge his flashlight from a computer, a car radio or other electronic device with a USB port (while charging is done in 1 minute).

This system is clever at exploiting energy from the supercapacitor because it uses a Joule Thief to raise the output voltage.

On the other hand, We disadvise to use the indicated process of charge.
We will explain this in a futur article: How to charge a supercapacitor?

components necessary to achieve the supercapacitor flashlight:

  • a supercapacitor 10 farads (10F / 2.7V)
  • a white LED
  • a transistor
  • a torus
  • a 1 k ohms resistor
  • some thread
  • a prototyping board

The result in images:

LED lighting for 15 minutes
LED lighting for 15 minutes
Flashlight supercapacitor detail
Flashlight supercapacitor detail
Red LED to manage the recharge voltage
Red LED to manage the recharge voltage

Antoine updated his flashlight mounted supercapacitor:
Improved immortal flashlight (in french)

SupercapTech.com is written by a French people, so sorry for bad translations. Feel free to suggest better writing sentences in comments. This will be usefull for other readers of the website. Thank you...
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