Graphene LSG supercapacitor created with a DVD burner

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UCLA researchers (University of California-Los Angeles) were able to produce graphene supercapacitor electrodes using a simple DVD burner sold commercially.

The method is based on a DVD disc coated with a thin plastic film (PET) which has been removed from the graphite oxide. The DVD is inserted into a standard DVD burner (LightScribe) then treated with infrared laser engraver to produce graphene electrodes.

Graphene oxide reduction

The infrared laser DVD burner causes the reduction and simultaneous exfoliation of graphite oxide and produces isolated graphene monolayers but tangled called "Laser Scribed Graphene" (LSG). Graphene LSG is taken off and placed on a flexible substrate and then sliced ​​to form electrodes. Two electrodes are sandwiched with an electrolyte layer in the middle. The result is a high density electrochemical capacitor, said supercapacitor.

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