Battery VS Supercapacitor

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Batteries as supercapacitors are electrical storage devices. Battery is more widely used due to its ability to store more energy for a given weight and volume: it has a better energy density. Supercapacitor on the other hand can be charged and discharged very quickly (or slowly if you do not need power): it has a very high power density.

But the differences between these two systems do not stop there. The evolution of these features with the technological improvements and declining prices mean that supercapacitors are increasingly used and will be even more in the future.

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No, a supercapacitor is not a capacitor

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Many people confuse supercapacitor and capacitor by thinking that a supercapacitor is just an improved capacitor.

In fact, it is a little bit true from an electronic point of view, but it is wrong from a technological point of view.

Indeed, a supercapacitor has the same characteristics of charge and discharge as a capacitor. Except we do not manage necessarily in the same way a 200V 100μF capacitor and a 2.7V 3000F supercapacitor. On the other hand, a supercapacitor is not designed in the same way as a ceramic capacitor or an electrolytic capacitor.

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