The supercapacitor electric bus is adopted in China

Supercapacitor electric bus
Supercapacitor electric bus

China takes the lead in adopting the all-electric bus equipped with supercapacitors.

The Chinese company Sunwin, a joint venture between Volvo and China's largest automaker SAIC had already made a big publicity stunt in 2010 by providing 61 electric buses using supercapacitors to serve the World Expo 2010 of Shanghai.

Buses with supercapacitors of Sunwin brought in their 2010 version an autonomy from 3 to 6 km. Supercapacitors are then charged on each bus stop with a pantograph (like a tram). 30 seconds are enough to charge the bus to 50% and it takes 80 seconds to charge to 100%.

Here is a video where we see the supercapacitor bus to recharge in a bus stop:

In this report from 2009, we see that China is working on this bus for quite a while:

The bus supercapacitor + battery wins Shanghai favors

For 2 years the city of Shanghai has tested various technologies of bus 100% electric:

  • Buses equipped only with batteries
  • Buses equipped only with supercapacitors
  • Buses equipped with batteries and supercapacitors

In February 2013, the city decided in favor of the electric bus equipped with both batteries and supercapacitors. The Shanghai public transportation department says so to want to acquire 200 of these new energy city buses.

The Deputy Director General of the public transport company in Pudong (a district of Shanghai), Mr. Binfeng said that these buses are able to travel nearly 10 hours a day, at full load and with an air conditioner in operation, which is quite suitable for urban use.

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